Amy Holmes/Allison Hunter Fashion 4.12: Amy & Allison Amalgamation

DH S1E12: Natural Attraction
Aired: 1990

For the self-proclaimed 2 coolest girls at Degrassi High, they sure don’t hang out with anyone else. Ever. What? It’s kind of weird. They’re their own little island I guess. You know what else I just realized? There’s not an emphasis on cheerleading and football here at Degrassi High. Well, I’m sure I’ve realized that before, but I’m re-realizing it now. That’s really cool, a nice break from the cliches we see in so many teen shows. Anyway, we start off seeing Amy and Allison at their lunch table alone. Allison is wearing some crazily printed pants and scarf, and giant flower earrings. Amy is wearing her yellow pom pom sweater – lord bless, it’s cute, but I don’t know if I could pull that off. We also see them in lab wearing baby pink and baby blue sweaters. Then for the dance, Amy dons the pom pom sweater again, with a houndstooth skirt, white socks, and black loafers. How does she make that look cool? Allison is wearing more obnoxiously loud patterns again, a sort of menswear reminiscent shirt and a giant scarf in her hair. Then they proceed to get into an argument that involves taking all their clothes off.

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