Caitlin Ryan Fashion 5.1

DH S2E1: Bad Blood Part 1
Aired: 1990

Soooo this is not a Caitlin episode but she does give the AIDS PSA at the end. First she’s in this peachy sweater and these jeans with some kind of stripe down the side, which honestly kind of reminds me of the 90s, which probably were a revival of the 70s, but I’m no expert on fashion, I’m just making this uninformed blog. Anyway let’s move on to this PSA segment. I find it really exciting because the video and lighting quality of DH improves drastically just for this brief moment. I am eternally perplexed about this outfit so I am glad to finally be able to talk about it. Why is Caitlin’s tee shirt inside out? Why? Was it the only shirt she had at the time and they made her turn it inside out so it wouldn’t be distracting for the PSA? This may be even more distracting. Nonetheless, 80s kids know how to dress up a tee shirt, and they sure do know jeans!

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