Cindy Fashion 5.1

DH S2E1: Bad Blood Part 1
Aired: 1990

Sooo… here she is. The other woman. What’s her name again? Bambi? No, just kidding y’all. This is Cindy. And Cindy actually seems like an alright gal. I am an evolved woman because I do not steer my hate toward Cindy – BLT is the one to blame. Cindy waaaas a little smug when she was telling her friend that BLT finally broke up with Michelle. But other than that, she seems perfectly pleasant. Anyway, Cindy is always dressed like a cyclist or a gymnast or something, I don’t know. She’s always in this awesome 80s athletic attire. So here she is in this turquoise spandex suit.

Also, have you guys noticed that Cindy is like the default name when they can’t think of another name to give someone on this show? And seriously, this gal doesn’t even look like a Cindy.

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