Liz O’Rourke Fashion 5.6

DH S2E6: Crossed Wires
Aired: 1990

I will respect Liz this episode because she is a human being and no human should have to experience what she has gone through. So first, I actually did a capture of a scene from her as a little girl and her sweet lil nightgown. And now, back to the present, she is wearing this yellow and black checkered shirt, with ruffly suspenders and a tennis skirt,  a moon and star earring, and some oxfords maybe? with white socks. Oh yeah and that top pony. And just a side note, this is the day where she reluctantly decides to go out with Tim, and Tim REALLY messes it up by trying to give her “a friendly kiss goodnight”. I’ve already talked about this on IG but I truly fault Tim for trying to make a move on her after she clearly communicated “JUST AS FRIENDS”. I think he got off the hook, episode-wise – the writers missed a chance to have a serious discussion about consent. It seems like the ruling by the end was like “Aw, Tim wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s all good. Liz just got some trauma going on.” Ugh. Anyway, the next day, we got a top pony, lavender tank, black vest, ruffly grey skirt, brown belt, and the white socks/black shoes combo again – oh and a lot of anger. Justified anger. This is the day when she shares her dark childhood with Spike. It’s really a touching scene, it almost couldn’t have been more perfect – seeing Emma singing, playing in the background, safe and protected, as a contrast to Liz’s childhood. And finally, we wrap up the episode with this orange tank, and a muddy vest, and a black and white patterned skirt. I hate on Liz a lot, partly because it’s fun, but once you’ve watched DJH/DH about 164 times, she starts to grow on you a bit. (I’m still Team Erica all the way though when it comes to that beef.)

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