Caitlin Ryan Fashion 5.7

DH S2E7: The All-Nighter
Aired: 1990

Oh Caitlin, wouldn’t even try one puff of the green. But maybe a lot of us can see a little bit of ourselves in Caitlin. Well, maybe not the smart fashionable heart-throb bit, but maybe the shy, impressionable, and scared bit. This never crossed my mind until just now, but maybe Caitlin didn’t want to try it, because she has already been in legal trouble! She should have just thrown that out, like “Sorry, I’m on probation.” That would have put her right back on top as the coolest girl at the party. ANYWAY. Let’s get on to the fashion.

First, the girls are conspiring before class – Caitlin wears a shoulderpadded pink blouse, khaki pencil skirt, and maroon vest. While getting ready for the party, she wears a peachy tee, dark vest, floral skirt, and an updo. OH and one hoop earring and one stud. I still think that is such a ridiculous trend yet I somehow want to do it myself. My grandma actually says she does that, to go out in public, to see if anyone will tell her she’s wearing mismatched earrings. But no one does. Anyway, we’re back. It appears the ClearTech shirt is being passed around Degrassi High. Caitlin’s legacy for the ClearTech tee is refusal to try a little weed. And then, the next day, I like seriously love this outfit – a peach button down, dark tie, and mom jeans, lookin like a queen.

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