Caitlin Ryan Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

When you think of School’s Out, who do you think of? Chances are it’s probably Caitlin. That’s why we have a crapton of Caitlin shots for you today. Now I don’t know how it is that this movie is able to convey emotions so strongly. This film is so tangible. You can feel the sun on your skin, you can smell the parties, you can feel the feelings. So Caitlin’s ups and downs really take me along for the ride.

On to the fashion, her hair is a golden hue now, and still pretty big for graduation. I got a little closeup of the ring that Joey got for her, a heart with diamonds. To the post-grad party, she wears a grey belted dress. And the next morning her hair is enormous and she wears a bathrobe. Then her waitressing uniform is like a beer maiden outfit or something but it’s cute. We get a shot of some blue blouse that I can’t describe any more than that. Then we live a little summer fantasy in this long blue halter dress.  Then, she’s daydreaming about sex in this purple one piece. I remember when swimsuits felt like this. The material was kinda thin, the suit was too big in some places and too tight in others, and chlorine would eat up the fabric real quick. For a big date night, she wears a collar necklace and a green top, condom in tow. And for the big infamous party, she wears this blue tunic with a black belt and black shorts. It’s super cute outfit. Then, we get a brief look at her visiting Lucy in the hospital in an oversized button down. And finally, to the wedding she wears a shiny gold dress, an updo, and pearls, looking like a full grown lady.

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