Lucy Fernandez Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

Lucy is serving so much style in School’s Out! First here’s a cute little look at the DH graduation robes. But OMG this metallic mini dress she wears to the party is everything. Then she cleans up in a purple bikini. Her next scene is giving Caitlin condom lessons in another swimsuit that I can’t quite make out. And the NEXT party she wears this like, what do you call this? A bicycling outfit? It just looks like something you’d wear to go cycling. She wears this spandex set in yellow, pink, and black. And then finally, I mean, here’s her hospital outfit, I guess it really has nothing to do with Lucy style. I have to say, the ending of this movie is so, random and tragic, it really reflects real life’s chaos. Like, why Lucy? Why her eyes? Why Wheels? Why that little boy? Oof, this is hard. I am honestly SO glad I watched DTNG before this because I would be devastated not knowing what was going to happen to Lucy for like 10 years. I’m so glad she mostly recovered.

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