Tesssa Campanelli Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

Tessa finally gets some GOOD time in the spotlight in School’s Out. I just love her. And you know what else? I just feel like, Tessa and Joey, vibed really well. Idk, their fun seemed so real and raw and genuine, their chemistry was good. Joey and Caitlin never really clicked for me. If I had to approve of Joey with anyone, it would be Tessa. Till he screwed up her life I guess. Tessa is just so fun and bright and free spirited, Caitlin is kinda stiff and unsure of like, everything she’s ever doing. Anyway, this isn’t a contest, I just wanted to say that, I like Tessa, and she wasn’t trying to screw anything up.

On to the clothes! At the party, Tessa is wearing a velvet long sleeve shirt and a miniskirt. I love this outfit but every time I see it, I think about how utterly suffocatingly hot it would be to wear this in summer where I live, at any hour of the day. Next, is this yellow halter dress – I just love this, and I love Tessa’s sunkissed hair, what a summertime babe. On her pizza date with Joey, I can’t really see what she’s got on but it’s something peachy colored. She runs a bit late for work at the photo lab in a pink tank and floral skirt. I swear, the summer vibes in this movie are SO strong. I feel the fresh air and carefree mood throughout. Tessa is gushing to Spike all summer about how things are going with Joey, and she and Spike are matching in these weird pastel orange lab coats. Next we see her on the bed calling Joey, wearing a dusty pink ensemble. For their next date, she wears a miniskirt and a floral crop top, and a scrunchie. For the beach fantasy sequence, she wears a black bikini. OMG for the boob-squeezing scene, she has that yellow dress on again. I wonder if it was awkward to shoot that scene. I mean, it must have been. Is it even possible that Pat didn’t like that? I mean, you have to do this groping and act like you like it for the camera but then act like you don’t like it because you’re just acting, but you actually get to grab a boob, how can you not like that? I don’t know. Anyway how did I get so sidetracked? I’m here to talk about clothes. For another date, Tessa wears another crop and mini combo. For a little romp session, Tessa wears white shorts and a floral tank. Tessa then has her first abortion consultation in a big floral blouse and a cute 90s scrunchie braid. She goes to get it taken care of in an extremely oversized pink tee.

And that’s it for Tessa! I really hope things worked out for her. And as much as I don’t like Joey, I know that things did NOT turn out well for him. I don’t want to say he got what was coming to him; karma is very complex and it’s hard to determine whether losing your wife is equal payback for what he did to Tessa and Caitlin. Really, nobody is fit to say. But yeah, his life didn’t turn out to be the best thing ever. Seeing him in DTNG is generally pretty sad. But then again, he moved to Alberta in what, Season 6? Maybe he finally became a famous rock star and got to open for Craig on tour and he found a nice woman that he actually gets along with for longer than a month. And maybe Tessa grew up to become a principal and have beautiful children. Oh wait, that’s what happened to Kirsten!

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