Emma Nelson Fashion 1.3

Family Politics

Alright SO now we’re here with Emma on this first day of school. My commentary is finna get longer and longer as we are here in 2001. So I remember when this like, halfway-pulled-through ponytail rose to popularity. It is still confusing to me to this day. Why not pull it all the way through? Did you get tired? Did you forget you were making a ponytail and abandoned the project? Is this some version of a bun created by a person who didn’t know how to make a bun? It’s like, the lazy-person’s bun. The unfinished ponytail. And like, the thing is, this isn’t even cute, you know? A ponytail is so much cuter. And pulling it the rest of the way through to make it a completed ponytail, doesn’t even FEEL that different. I used to work with this lady who had gorgeous long red hair and would always wear this …. wait what should we call this style? The unfinished ponytail. She would always wear this unfinished ponytail and it drove me crazy because her hair was so pretty and I just wanted to see that ponytail flow in all its glory. This unfinished ponytail is so repressed, so inhibited, and not to mention it leaves a super weird crease in your hair.

Okay, that was extremely therapeutic and healing for me. But for the record, I am glad Emma is wearing her hair like this because it’s REALISTIC, beautifully awkward, and it also brings back memories of the time period. Let’s move on.  She too has a cross body backback, and she wears a little tee with stars on it. Then, she sports the same hairstyle, with a colored striped tank under a blue vest with jeans.

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