Jimmy Brooks Fashion 1.3

Family Politics

Welcome to broomheadz Jimmy Brooks. If you know nothing else about Degrassi, you know Drake was in it and he was in a wheelchair. But guess what? We get 3.5 seasons of Drake NOT in a wheelchair too! And believe it or not, he was not always a great actor! But hey, I’m not here to critique anyone’s acting skills. I’m here to critique their poor fashion choices. Ha- just kidding! I’m here to appreciate poor fashion choices.

Anyway so since we are in 2001, there’s a bunch of baggy clothes. I swear, even today, baggy clothes look really intimidating to me. I mean, looks like, you’ve got some power, like you’re a real tough guy, like you’ve got some cool shit going on. Jimmy wears all baggy everything typically. And I never really noticed that a lot of his ensembles are pretty drab. Baggy jeans, baggy hoodies or sweaters, and a few athletic pieces. Enjoy this intro, you’ll get a lot more of this as we continue.

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