Paige Michalchuk Fashion 1.9

Coming of Age


Paige plays a big role in this episode. You know what? It’s almost as if, Paige represents the PERIOD ITSELF. It’s glamorous, mature, and womanly, a beautiful example of growing up and rising to womanhood. But it’s also harsh and painful and embarrassing and will call you out in public. Paige is a hard reality, just like puberty. So, first she is wearing these rimless blue sunglasses, hoop earrings, and her blue fur jacket. Then she busts in on Emma in the bathroom staring at her blood stained skirt. Paige herself is wearing an all-black ensemble, a black 3/4-length sleeve top and a black pencil skirt complete with frosty blue eyeshadow and a braided headband. She is kind enough to offer a pad, a few words of period advice, and a heads up about the boobs coming. Then, she signs Emma’s petition, again in the blue fur jacket, with new rimless sunglasses, and an orange tee.

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