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Manny Santos Fashion 3.21

Our House

This is just downtrodden Manny being constantly pursued by and disappointed in JT. It’s kinda sad that we don’t actually get to SEE if anyone is harassing her about her pregnancy or subsequent abortion. This was to coddle the US audience I’m sure, but I wonder if anyone really would have bullied or shamed her? What kind of things might be said in the halls? First she wears this Asian-inspired blouse with a zip-up short sleeve hoodie which is kinda hilarious but also really realistic in that our outfits back then really weren’t very put-together. Next she’s seen in like a racing jacket of some kind. The next shirt is a floral ruffly bell sleeve blouse which is super cute. And finally, the famous patchwork fur jacket with casual khakis. Manny wears her hair in a resigned low bun throughout, symbolizing her shame and penance.


Paige Michalchuk Fashion 1.14

Under Pressure

Paige is wearing a baseball cut tee, some kind of red flare pants, black platforms, and this furry grey purse. Then she wears a pink 3/4 length top. Once again with the same hairdo.. hah, you can’t fool me! I bet this was filmed on the same day! And here we are with a tan ribbed turtleneck, and then we wrap it up with a furry jacket AND a furry purse. We are just covered in fur. I’m going to make fur a category on the blog now. PS – I just find Paige more and more gorgeous with each passing day, idk what it is, she’s just so pretty.

Paige Michalchuk Fashion 1.13


I know this is a whole heck of a lot of Paige for one post, but this episode has some iconic fashion moments and I didn’t hesitate to capture everythin that felt right. So let’s break it down.

First is a blue cowlneck sweater, (and the neck itself has like, a shag carpet texture to it), with a bun, headband, and face-framing tendrils of hair. Outside she wears her tan fur jacket over it.

The PMS flyer is just the best – each girl wearing short shorts in what looks like camo, and tight fitting tees with “00” on them.

The next ‘fit is another headbanded bun, with a 3/4 length polo kinda shirt that has indiscernible images on it.  Also had to get a shot of those shimmery gold nails pressing play on the discman.

Alright, now for the cabaret outfit try-on. Black platform clog looking things. A sequined miniskirt. A sequined crop top. And when she dons this getup for the performance, she wears her hair down and curly, with a headband and blue tinted sunglasses, a #1 necklace, AND a feather boa. It truly is an elaborate look. And it’s amazing.

Paige Michalchuk Fashion 1.12



I’ve got a lot of Queen Bee Paige’s outfits for you today. First she’s in a high-half pony with face-framing strands coming down. And a shirt that says “2 Spoiled”. Amazing. And outside she wears a long brown fur coat. Next, for tryouts, she wears a shirt with “PRINCESS” on it in rhinestones. And lastly, a lavender ribbed turtleneck with a black miniskirt and hose. Also please note the furry multicolored mini backpack.

Paige Michalchuk Fashion 1.9

Coming of Age


Paige plays a big role in this episode. You know what? It’s almost as if, Paige represents the PERIOD ITSELF. It’s glamorous, mature, and womanly, a beautiful example of growing up and rising to womanhood. But it’s also harsh and painful and embarrassing and will call you out in public. Paige is a hard reality, just like puberty. So, first she is wearing these rimless blue sunglasses, hoop earrings, and her blue fur jacket. Then she busts in on Emma in the bathroom staring at her blood stained skirt. Paige herself is wearing an all-black ensemble, a black 3/4-length sleeve top and a black pencil skirt complete with frosty blue eyeshadow and a braided headband. She is kind enough to offer a pad, a few words of period advice, and a heads up about the boobs coming. Then, she signs Emma’s petition, again in the blue fur jacket, with new rimless sunglasses, and an orange tee.