Paige Michalchuk Fashion 1.13


I know this is a whole heck of a lot of Paige for one post, but this episode has some iconic fashion moments and I didn’t hesitate to capture everythin that felt right. So let’s break it down.

First is a blue cowlneck sweater, (and the neck itself has like, a shag carpet texture to it), with a bun, headband, and face-framing tendrils of hair. Outside she wears her tan fur jacket over it.

The PMS flyer is just the best – each girl wearing short shorts in what looks like camo, and tight fitting tees with “00” on them.

The next ‘fit is another headbanded bun, with a 3/4 length polo kinda shirt that has indiscernible images on it.  Also had to get a shot of those shimmery gold nails pressing play on the discman.

Alright, now for the cabaret outfit try-on. Black platform clog looking things. A sequined miniskirt. A sequined crop top. And when she dons this getup for the performance, she wears her hair down and curly, with a headband and blue tinted sunglasses, a #1 necklace, AND a feather boa. It truly is an elaborate look. And it’s amazing.

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