Manny Santos Fashion 3.21

Our House

This is just downtrodden Manny being constantly pursued by and disappointed in JT. It’s kinda sad that we don’t actually get to SEE if anyone is harassing her about her pregnancy or subsequent abortion. This was to coddle the US audience I’m sure, but I wonder if anyone really would have bullied or shamed her? What kind of things might be said in the halls? First she wears this Asian-inspired blouse with a zip-up short sleeve hoodie which is kinda hilarious but also really realistic in that our outfits back then really weren’t very put-together. Next she’s seen in like a racing jacket of some kind. The next shirt is a floral ruffly bell sleeve blouse which is super cute. And finally, the famous patchwork fur jacket with casual khakis. Manny wears her hair in a resigned low bun throughout, symbolizing her shame and penance.


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