Emma Nelson Fashion 1.10

Rumours and Reputations



Okay, I can totally understand why people hate Emma. I really do. But for some reason I was just overcome with unconditional love at first sight when I first happened upon Degrassi (season 2 of TNG was airing at the time), and I just accept all her flaws with open arms. She was a firey, meddling child. She had good intentions, but she was naive. And her naivete drives her role in this episode – jumping to conclusions about Liberty and Armstrong, spreading it around the school, and assuming that she had nothing to do with it. First outfit is an awesome striped sweater of yellow, orange, and pink, paired with olive khaki flares and chunky tennies. She tops it with a jean jacket when she goes outside.  And last she wears a red zip up sweater, her cross-body bag, and red pants.

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