Liberty Van Zandt Fashion 1.12


Liberty is part of this B plot where JT and Toby are trying to win a Pringles sweepstakes and Liberty and Spinner join in. BUT, this is a crucial fashion moment for Liberty. We’ll get to it in a moment here. First she’s wearing this red, grey, and black top with some dark wash carpenter jeans. Her nails are painted a shimmery powder blue. And NEXT. Is THE shoe.

Emma: “…What are those?”

Liberty: “Aren’t they the most beautiful boots you’ve ever seen?”

Emma: “They’re…something.”

Says the girl who wears dolphin pants and three pigtails. So these are Liberty’s red cowboy boots which are super hyped, but I’m not sure if they ever appear again. I’ll look out for them. With the boots she wears khaki overalls (the legs of which she tucks into her boots) and a thinly-striped reddish shirt.

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