Paige Michalchuk Fashion 2.1

When Doves Cry

Okay so, this is the part of the B plot where Paige is convinced she has a mullet. That’s a hilarious notion, but I don’t quite see it. I mean, I see what they tried to do. They poofed up the top and pinned it back the way someone might when trying to hide an actual mullet, but… I think they could have made this even funnier. Ah well, no shade intended. Besides the “mullet”, Paige displays excellent 2000s style. First, we get some classic tinted frameless shades. She wears a butterfly crop top that looks like it came straight out of Limited Too. It’s so hilarious how obscene and jarring low rise/hip hugger jeans look today. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m just now coming to the realization that they aren’t “cool” anymore, but still, sometimes when I get hit with a sight of someone’s lower abdomen I’m like WHOA. And really that’s what makes me realize it’s not current anymore. Seriously, follow a few 2000s fashion accounts on instagram and you’ll come to a LOT of realizations. And you’ll probably be shocked at seeing 6 inches of skin below Paris Hilton’s bellybutton. Anyway, with this outfit, she’s also got a clear backpack. Next I included this shot of Paige from like, Toby and JT’s freakin, dream date webpage or something – not much to report, just wavy hair and a white shirt. Next, another set of low rise jeans, a crop top, and tinted glasses. This time the top is purple, complete with stars on the boobs. You know, she was slightly risque in the halls of Degrassi before Manny stole the title.

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