Ellie Nash Fashion 2.4

Karma Chameleon
Aired: 2002

Oh my god, I can’t believe we’ve arrived here! Ellie’s first appearance! Ellie arrives and parts the drab unaccessorized sea of browns, navys, and blacks of DCS. I love Ellie’s style. Look don’t get me wrong – sometimes it’s dreadful, (like the basketball net she wears as a shirt in S4,) but I still love it, okay? She’s just, interesting as hell. Her style is, anyway. …But you know, one thing that just struck me about Degrassi alt kids is that, yeah, they dress some type of way, but they never seem to show any qualities or interests or hobbies that actually make them alternative kinds of people. Does that make sense? Like, what’s Ellie into? What’s Ashley into? Jane? Grace? < A lot of this just seems to be fashion based. They’re perfectly normal average people quite comparable in wavelength to the Paiges and Holly Js and Jennas, they just dress strangely. Like, I know alt people are normal people and everything, that’s not what I mean. I just usually think of alt people to have some sort of alternative facet to them besides their dress. I think about Faith from DJH, the goth girl who made one appearance. You went to her to ask her about astrology – she had a “weird” thing she was totally into, in addition to looking weird. Not saying that’s like, a requirement, but she’s a good example. Whoa, just remembered Eli. See, he was an alt boy who had an alt life, talents, and interests. You feel me? Idk, those are just my current thoughts. This is coming from me, someone who has journeyed through skater/punk, goth, and metal scenes/identities in her life.

What does Ellie delve into when she’s home, alone? What’s she creating, listening to, watching, reading, dreaming about? Ah yes, we do get to see her reading Edward Gorey. That’s what I’m wanting. A little look into like, not just how they LOOK different, but how they ARE different. Still, though, media plays a large part in various subcultures and I suppose Degrassi wasn’t trying to be an advertisement. We do see Ellie struggle with self-harm later, which I suppose demonstrates how she IS different. However I was kinda bummed because of course it’s the “goth” kid who cuts themselves, just like everyone expects and wants.

ANYWAY, I’m going to stop now and talk about the clothes! Ellie is wearing pigtails which are accented with black color, crimping, and small braids. She’s wearing a black mesh top under a black tee with white seams, and one of those necklaces where the spikes are beads, always making me think of teeth for some reason. She’s also got dark blue nails and dark makeup. Welcome Ellie!!!!!

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