Paige Michalchuk Fashion 2.4

Karma Chameleon
Aired: 2002

Paige wears a paisley-type crop top of orange and yellow, black cropped pants, and platform mules. She completes the look with little braids in her hair, tinted glasses, and her bellybutton ring on display. You’ll also see that she’s carrying that clear case as a purse again. The next ‘fit is for school picture day. It’s amazing. I love Paige in pink. She’s got her hair down, with a few random pieces curled prom-style. It’s horrendous. Like in the best day. She wears a pink jean jacket over a pink top, and frosty makeup. Oh yeah and the look has to be temporarily ruined when she most don her lab coat for science class. But she’ll make it through.

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