Miscellaneous Fashion 2.5

Weird Science
Aired: 2002

I rounded up a good bit is miscellaneous shots this time! My god, this “kick me” sign is hilarious, that’s one gag I’ve just thought was funny my whole entire life. And I’m so glad they made the choice to add this little detail in here. Next, this kid is seriously wearing a KD shirt. I’ve learned so much about Canadian culture and their love for boxed mac n’ cheese, AKA Kraft Dinner. They love it so much, they hang it on their wall and wear it on their clothes. I thought we liked it here in the US but no, it’s an actual icon in Canada. Next is this open-back top. I remember when these came out. They were all the rage and you just had to have them. Plus, they didn’t break dress code because no bra would show. It’s so funny now; they were just super cheap tee shirt material with a cutout and tie. Next, is this sunshine girl in Spinner’s locker, wearing a red string bikini. She actually looks pretty 90s. Then we see the crowd at the science fair, getting many great examples of typical average 2000s middle school fashion. Then we have a girl in the caf wearing low rise pants and a pale top which is probably another one of those open-back shirts. It is just amazing how tight our clothes used to be. It’s almost hard to look at now. It’s like, our entire bodies were just on display. No shame of course, but like, that’s freakin tight and looks uncomf to boot. Next is someone wearing a long denim skirt with a frayed hem, and platform mules. Then we have a look at some gals and dudes laughing in the classroom, and finally we wrap up this post with a full shot of the class, right before Spinner’s boner strikes fear into the hearts of all.

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