Toby Isaacs Fashion 2.9

Mirror in the Bathroom
Aired: 2002

This is probably the most Toby content we will ever get at once. Poor Tobs, his character is always a B-plotter for the most of his run. Anyway, his wardrobe isn’t known for being the most spectacular or anything so I’ll make this quick. First, a red polo. Then, a reddish brown tee. Then, a blue and red ringer tee. Next we see him working out in various oversized tees. Got a shot of the shoes too, nice and chunky. He’s a little more confident in this checkered button down. Then TOO confident once he gets that windbreaker. But now I feel sorry for them. I too used to think being on a team would fix all my problems. And lastly is a little shot of him in whatever wrestlers wear when they’re not in their overall swimsuit thing.

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