Terri MacGregor Fashion 2.9

Mirror in the Bathroom
Aired: 2002

Terri’s got the B plot today! First she wears a coral button down and her hair in a twisty updo. Omg the clasp of her necklace has fallen down to the front. lol. With it she wears like, a midi pencil skirt and white tennies. Not crazy about those long denim skirts personally. Next is more twisty hair, a peachy v-neck, a beige sweater draped over the shoulders all 80s style, jean capris, and her white tennies again. She’s seen modeling a jean jacket, red turtleneck, black blazer, etc. And finally, a darling white peasant-looking button up top with another interesting updo that I don’t know how to describe.

And she tells off Mohammed which is a very iconic moment. I mean I love that this issue of body image and weight is being addressed, but I honestly think it could have been handled a little differently, a little better. I don’t know, I am just left feeling weird with the way Spinner was like “Yeah dudes prefer skinny girls but sometimes we like girls like you.” I mean… like them sometimes for what exactly? Your porn selection? What? And like, that statement was supposed to be helpful.

And the way Terri has to be like “Most girls on the planet look like this [so lower your standards]!” or something, like, you know what I mean? It seems like the main point from the episode was like, don’t worry kids, someone out there will still like you despite the fact you’re curvier! And that was the message, the end. Anyone else, or is it just me?

I don’t know, it was never really about Terri loving, embracing, and accepting herself. It was about her reacting to how everyone ELSE feels about her body. Ya know? Honestly, the main interactions were about how boys feel about her body. It’s so weird. I mean Paige was like “Oh man I would wear that skirt if I was plus size, you’re so lucky” meh but that’s it. We never really got to see Terri come to any kind of resolution. We never saw follow up. We never saw her confidence skyrocket, we never saw her SLAY the next ad campaign, we never saw her look in the mirror and smile, we never saw any change, any evolution. We just learned that some clothes come in plus size only, and some dudes like thin girls and some dudes like “girls with a figure”. Sometimes.


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