Hazel Aden Fashion 2.11

Don’t Believe the Hype
Aired: 2002

Here we are. The Hazel episode. First she wears a pink zip up hoodie with hoop earrings, a necklace, a maroon tie-dye tank, and matching headband. She’s feeling extra bitchy today, as you can tell from her facial expressions. Oh yeah, I also wanted to show you the sticker on her binder that says “Boys Lie”. It looks like it came from one of those sticker vending machines. Next she has donned a Jamaican beanie and tee for International Day. It’s really kind of sad. I love that Degrassi touches on this topic so much – not wanting to be who you are. I’m watching Marco go through the same thing right now in Season 3. Anyway, next Hazel is in a floral button down over a black tank, revealing her true Somalian heritage, featuring photos of herself in hijabs. Hijab? Sorry.


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