Daniel Raditch Fashion 2.11

Don’t Believe the Hype
Aired: 2002

Since I’m all grown up and woke now, I also have to complain about this little bit where Raditch is commenting on how short Paige’s skirt and shirt are, and staring at it too. Like bro is totally staring at it, and then acting like he’s just a victim to her risque outfit. Are you gonna try a freaking pierogi or not? If Paige’s outfit is not against dress code, and we know it’s not, then why is he mentioning it, and gawking at it? That’s creepy as hell. And even if it’s not creepy, it’s still unsolicited negative critique. Literally came up to her and told her how short her clothes are. Like, okay? “I’ve never seen anything like your outfit.” Would Raditch comment on Toby’s shorts? No, he wouldn’t. Would he even COMMENT on a dude’s heritage outfit in any way? No because dudes’ clothes aren’t really topics of commentary like girls’ are. I mean, older men come into my office and tell me how cute that dress is on me or that they love red lipstick on me, and I just hate it. Like, this isn’t American Idol. I’m not presenting myself on display for your feedback. I’m literally just sitting at my desk trying to blog about Degrassi, er, I mean, do work. Anyway, Degrassi does miss the point sometimes. (As I have seen with Terri’s body image, JT’s sewing skills, and now Paige’s outfit.) Sometimes Degrassi doesn’t get to the fundamental root of the situation. But we all have missed the point sometimes, we all still do sometimes. But we’ve come a long way.

Anyway…. Raditch is Scottish or Irish or something, hence the kilt. I will admit I googled to see if kilts are Scottish or Irish, and the internet said both. It’s kind of hilarious that he wears his normal principal outfit except changes out the pants for the kilt. Actually, Mr. Raditch, I’m sorry but your kilt is kind of short, wow look at those legs. I’ve never seen anything like it.

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