Spike Nelson Fashion 2.12

White Wedding, Part 1
Aired: 2002

Dude Spike is like, such a downer. I know this is a teenager show but like, NO ONE in the history of Degrassi has ever been happy to be pregnant. Her unexplainable misery about all this is so annoying. Literally so annoying. Also it’s sad to say that nothing about Spike since TNG started has been fun. She’s just wah wah wah or super boring all the time. And I say this out of love because I wanted her to be a bit more interesting and dynamic as an adult. Literally everyone just grew up to be depressing. Even Caitlin is like, kind of depressing and her life is kind of unstable to an unenjoyable degree. Anyway, Spike doesn’t even dress cool anymore, so here she’s wearing a blue and red zip up set with, again, flood pants, and platforms. And a frown. Constantly. Doesn’t even change into something cute for her bachelorette night. She does come home with a giant sombrero thought. And another frown.

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