Sean Cameron Fashion 2.13

White Wedding, Part 2
Aired: 2002

First Sean is hangin with Tracker, checking out Sunshine Girls and wearing a tight-fitting white tee with dark wash baggy pants and a chain. He puts on a sick leather jacket too, I’m not sure why, maybe to go riding. And then, he shows up at the wedding after being invited, uninvited, and reinvited. And, yes, every man I know hates dressing up and would love to wear this to a wedding, but someone somewhere would have stopped them along the way. Someone would have prevented this. He wears a white button down untucked and dangling over those dark wash wide leg jeans (complete with the chain) and a poorly-tied tie flapping in the wind. Also, this scene is painfully cheesy. To have been my first episode of Degrassi that I ever saw, I also kind of hate it.

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