Snake Simpson Fashion 2.13

White Wedding, Part 2
Aired: 2002

First Snake is at his stag party in a grey button down and jeans, also wearing a “ball and chain”, hah. And then, when Emma comes to stir the pot, Snake’s shirt is unbuttoned and he’s clearly been romantically accosted. Oh, and I see what they did here. They kept him in the same exact outfit for the next day to show how distressing all this has been. The only thing that’s changed is he’s wiped the stripper’s lipstick off his face and rolled up his sleeves in anger. Ugh, I hate this little storyline, why do they have to be fighting and crap? Anyway, so this outfit with stripper DNA still on it, is what Snake gets married in. He changes to a full tux for the reception though. As much as their wedding and the leadup disappoint me, it is a perfect representation of the fact that things in life don’t turn out the way they should, even the most “important” moments. Not to get personal, but my own wedding went terribly and left my parents not speaking to me, literally at all, for a year. My stuff was in the front yard when I came back from my honeymoon. Very rarely do things turn out like a storybook – whether it’s prom, graduation, college, relationships, marriage, getting a house, having a family, all that. But it’s okay; we make it anyway, don’t we?

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