Ellie Nash Fashion 2.14

Careless Whisper
Aired: 2003

Love early Ellie! Where to start? Well this is the episode where she is still big time crushing on Marco but nothing has progressed, so she’s trying to figure out her next move. She wears headbanded, crimped updos, many little hoop earrings, and cool makeup of course. The first ensemble is red and black, including a dog collar and a spiky necklace, a diy-looking shirt over mesh long sleeves. She also wears this gigantic grommet belt. At the movies, I grabbed a closeup of her ring and bracelet. And the next school day, she wears a pleated plaid skirt and that tank with a floral British flag print on it. And I think it’s all atop some flare pants, because those don’t look like leggings. And the final look is a pink and green button down under a black tank. I love how she incorporates unassuming colors. Actually, this shirt looks SO familiar, like maybe someone else has worn it? Maybe Paige? I don’t know.

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