Kendra Mason Fashion 2.14

Careless Whisper
Aired: 2003

Wow, what a Kendra spread we have today! And she is serving 2000s middle school realness right here. First she wears a maroon long sleeve tee with blue detail and a v neckline, accessorizing with a chunky plastic watch like everyone else. But she’s starting to get a bit annoyed at her overly clingy boyfriend, Toby. I remember that feeling, lol. I like that she has already let her inner asshole emerge. I was way too subdued in junior high. The next outfit is a little tee with another sort of cartoon on it, which we are unable to get a full view of. She still sports the cross-body bag too. Next is her in her soccer uniform, and finally a cap-sleeve baseball-inspired tee in pink and blue.

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