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Kendra Mason Fashion 3.14

Accidents Will Happen Part 1

Kendra’s about to hurl in her leotard in gymnastics. I don’t really have much to provide here. Here’s Kendra. Treasure this moment because one day soon she’ll just disappear.

Kendra Mason Fashion 3.7

 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Aired: 2003

Oh my gosh, I don’t even know what DGAA stands for. Oh no, I just Googled it and couldn’t figure it out. Eh. Someone will tell me. Anyway, Kendra is darling and growing her hair out but she’s slowly fading into oblivion.

Kendra Mason Fashion 3.6

 Gangsta Gangsta
Aired: 2003

Kendra’s hair is definitely changing, but her tiny childish tees have not. She’s also helping out SITE this episode by cleaning the ravine… and accidentally stumbles upon Emma’s very first ravine exploits.

Kendra Mason Fashion 2.18

Dressed in Black
Aired: 2003

Kendra waves at Toby in low-rise jeans and a purplish long-sleeve tee. Then she’s kicking his ass in a pink sweater with blue details. Love the sweater actually. Pink and blue are my favorite color combo.

Kendra Mason Fashion 2.17

Aired: 2003

Kendra Sassy-Pants is back, serving us plenty of attitude. First she’s shown in the “ratty uniforms” of the floor hockey team. Then she covers Manny in silly spray wearing a long sleeve graphic tee and a cross body bag. I definitely had these shirts but idk how to describe them. Next she is seen again in a cartoon-character tee to try to demonstrate her nerdiness – topped with a jacket. Next she’s in the gym again wearing a tee of some kind of washed-out coral color. Next, another one of those long-sleeve tees, with some low rise, tight fitting dark wash jeans with weird seams and weird pockets.

Kendra Mason Fashion 2.14

Careless Whisper
Aired: 2003

Wow, what a Kendra spread we have today! And she is serving 2000s middle school realness right here. First she wears a maroon long sleeve tee with blue detail and a v neckline, accessorizing with a chunky plastic watch like everyone else. But she’s starting to get a bit annoyed at her overly clingy boyfriend, Toby. I remember that feeling, lol. I like that she has already let her inner asshole emerge. I was way too subdued in junior high. The next outfit is a little tee with another sort of cartoon on it, which we are unable to get a full view of. She still sports the cross-body bag too. Next is her in her soccer uniform, and finally a cap-sleeve baseball-inspired tee in pink and blue.

Kendra Mason Fashion 2.9

Mirror in the Bathroom
Aired: 2002

Kendra is wearing a little cap sleeve tee with like, a kissy lips design with it. She completes the 2000s look with chunky tennies, flare jeans, a choker, and a cross body bag.

Kendra Mason Fashion 2.4

Karma Chameleon
Aired: 2002

Omg, Kendra is finally here too! They’re really dressed her up like a kid, but I love it. She’s got a boat neck top with little anime characters all over a sakura tree, a choker, and hair clips. The more I watch this show, the more I like Kendra. She’s a mood for sure. She’s kind of mean, irate, easily angered. If you watch her you’ll notice she rolls her eyes a lot. Her second outfit is a purple tee with some sort of character on it, I guess it’s supposed to be an anime character but it looks like someone drew it on the shirt with Sharpies, and a cross body bag, and jeans.