Ellie Nash Fashion 2.15

Hot for Teacher
Aired: 2003

This is a very important post. Why? Because Ellie has three pigtails. Three pigtails is one of Degrassi’s greatest silent shames. I’m surprised how many times I’ve seen this happening. One of my mom’s favorite stories to tell is about the time I asked for 3 pigtails to go to kindergarten. Because it’s absurd and hilarious. And for some reason, these 2000s city kids have made the absurd and hilarious choice to wear 3 pigtails. Aside from that, Ellie has done some interesting combinations today. As I say, I love her in red. So I’m glad to see her in this red bell-sleeve top, under a cropped black tank, loaded with jewelry, and wearing a floral skirt and her large grommet belt. It’s definitely a look. Okay and I joke about the 3 pigtails. She actually pulls it off.

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