Emma Nelson Fashion 2.17

Aired: 2003

Haha, oh yeah, this is the episode where everyone is really into floor hockey for a split second. Sadly, as with DJH’s swim team, and DH’s girl’s volleyball vs. boy’s basketball, we are still fighting for equality. So the deal here is that the girls don’t get real uniforms, as you can see in the first picture. Next picture is TWO cross body bags side by side. Emma has pigtails, wears a horizontally striped sweater, and this weird little roll-up beanie that I’ve only ever seen on babies. The next ‘fit is a tee featuring horizontal chest stripes. Next is a colorblock tee and a jean jacket that looks like it could’ve belonged to Lucy. Then we are in the gym again, and Emma wears this shirt that I think she’s wearing when she destroys Sean in dodgeball. It has like, idk what this is, an atom on it or something. We get another look at the ratty uniforms. Then finally, by the end, Emma is wearing this oversized jacket to… ta-da! reveal the fact that they in fact got new uniforms! Ew, they say Jeremiah Motors on the front, not Degrassi. Okay. And, from this point on, the girls’ floor hockey team is what Degrassi Community School became famous for. They went on to become the best 8th grade floor hockey team in all of Canada. Manny went to university with a full scholarship for floor hockey. (I’m cracking up over here but then I remembered that Canada actually cares about hockey so maybe it’s not as funny for Canadians!)

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