Liberty Van Zandt Fashion 2.17

Aired: 2003

Here’s Liberty’s biggest pain-in-the-ass moment. The episode where she decides to become the Napoleon of floor hockey. This is also a big fashion moment, coming in second only to her red cowboy boots. It starts out innocently enough. Liberty is trying out for the floor hockey team in white sneakers and.. some kind of yellow short sleeve shirt underneath her hockey vest thing. Then she wears a classic Lib shirt, the grey one with red long sleeves, and dark wash jeans. For a little fantasy cutaway she’s seen in a maroon zip up hoodie. I also snagged a shot of the jersey she designed. Next she’s in her little yellow floral long sleeve that has almost a thermal texture. She wears dainty gold jewelry with it, and a light khaki jacket outside. And then, she takes a turn for the worse. She gets her hands on a red cape with gold fringe. And then she never takes it off. She wears it over her overalls, everything. Well, until this last scene, where she’s wearing a green hooded long sleeve, just moments before she gets her very own Jeremiah Motors jersey.


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