Manny Santos Fashion 2.17

Aired: 2003

Who knew all these friends coincidentally had a passion and talent for floor hockey? Manny appears in tryouts as well, wearing a ringer tee, shorts, and chunky tennies, sporting braids like usual. In the halls she wears a 3/4 sleeve v-neck pinkish tie dye kinda tee. Also I want to note that her hair is parted with a ZIG ZAG part. Remember those? Next we are back in the gym and Manny wears, what do you call this, a short-sleeve baseball tee? Next we are outside in a grey zip up hoodie and flower studded earrings. Enjoy all this innocence while it lasts, my dudes. And finally, Manny twists her ankle during a game, wearing a ringer tee again. And surprise surprise, Liberty gives no sh*ts.

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