Ellie Nash Fashion 2.20

How Soon is Now
Aired: 2003

This is the painful episode where Ellie is dying for Marco to reciprocate her love. Thankfully we get an Ellie fashion show while we endure the plot. First, she wears her floral British flag shirt with crimped hair and a headband. She wears it with a pleated plaid skirt and that grommet belt, and either leggings or skinny flare pants. Outside she wears a leather jacket. Oh, how I miss the feeling of cold air (it’s sweltering summer as I write this). The next ‘fit is a black boat neck sweater, beaded headband, frosty eyeshadow, and spiky/chunky necklaces. And the final outfit is a shirt of tans and blues, but that’s all we can make out of the ensemble.

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