Ellie Nash Fashion 2.22

Tears are Not Enough, Part 2
Aired: 2003

My girl is in RED again! Yes! Ellie time! She’s still wearing funky updos featuring crimped hair. I just love this first look. I’m sad we don’t get more of it. It’s a white tank which is some kind of athletic + Hot Topic fusion, and i think this might be the shirt with the fake blood stain on the front. She wears it over a red long sleeve and with a red choker. Then she serves more athletic + Hot Topic fusion in this shirt that I swear looks like a New Balance shirt but I guess it’s not. It’s DIY distressed and worn over a mesh long sleeve, paired with a black skirt and her grommet belt. I swear, I don’t understand why Stacey Farber did not convert to this wardrobe IRL after being dressed in these amazing ensembles on the show.


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