Miscellaneous Fashion 3.2

Father Figure Part 2
Aired: 2003

It’s time for the random shots! First, Shane’s like, caretaker lady, or is it just one of the nurses in the place? I don’t know. But she’s very stressed. She wears a frilly blouse, a pencil skirt, loafers, and a tight bun. Next is the train station man, wearing a vest and tie, telling Craig and Emma that there are no more trains back to Degrassi Street. Then I got this hallway shot, featuring not only Spinner’s baggy silhouette, but also this cool alt girl wearing a plaid skirt and arm warmers. Reminds me of my own fashion choices from those days. Next is Ms. Smith, the Doris Bell of DCS. I hate her so much, she’s so mean that I feel a chill when I gaze upon her. She wears an updo and a floral top. And finally, stressed out worried lady is back, to pick up Shane, just wearing more boring stuff.


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