Shane McKay Fashion 3.2

Father Figure Part 2
Aired: 2003

And now, here we are. The very last Shane McKay post that broomheadz will ever make – chronologically, at least. This actor was fine and everything but god I wish Billy would have been invited back! When asked at Degrassi Palooza, “why didn’t you reprise your role as Shane?” he said, “I don’t have an answer to that.” Cryptic! This whole Shane storyline is almost too much to handle. I feel all kinds of feelings, you know? I feel sorrow and sympathy, but at times I also feel anger and fear. God idk why when people get dressed up it makes me want to cry. Like Shane got all dressed up in this little shirt and tie and vest to go see Spike?? I don’t know, that’s just so sad. Anyway, goodbye to Shane. Emma promised she would write him, I hope she really did.


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