Spike Nelson Fashion 3.2

Father Figure Part 2
Aired: 2003

Ouch, I took a deep breath before typing, because I was thinking about childbirth. Oof. Okay, so Spike is almost done being pregananant, and she is wearing like, a tee that says, “Yummy Mummy” on it? Aight. And she sure is a mean pregnant lady. Idk why they always make Spike no fun. Oh yeah and she wears these like green flowy pants with the Yummy Mummy shirt. For birthing, she wears a yellow and orange floral robe. I don’t mean to be weird, I’m sure someone will probably enjoy this too much (no judgement) but I did want to share this picture of her foot because she’s wearing a toe ring and I think that’s awesome. Plus she has a foot tat, which is fashion, yeah?


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