Emma Nelson Fashion 3.3

 U Got the Look
Aired: 2003

Emma, oh Emma. This is the part where Emma is no longer the main character. It’s interesting, you know. At first she’s like, trying to be supportive of Manny’s rebranding campaign. Like, oh cool, you look great. But eventually she’s like “I’M CONCERNED”. What do you think? Do you think Emma was really concerned about “how Manny was acting”, or do you think Emma was jealous?

First she’s wearing a tight, green tank – with a scarf, cuz, you know, when it’s cold, you go sleeveless and just wear a scarf. She’s also got her low-hanging purse, and khaki flares. At the mall, she’s got a jean jacket over top. Also, she says she doesn’t think they should sell thongs at the mall. I never really understood what she meant by that. All these years, never understood. Like, why not? Where should they be sold instead? The grocery store? Do you find them dangerous, Emma?

Next she’s in a pinkish mandala 3/4 sleeve boat neck top with some drawstring cargo pants, slowly becoming more salty. And finally, for the day of the big blowout, she wears flare jeans, and some greenish/blueish layered tops.


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