Alex Nunez Fashion 3.6

 Gangsta Gangsta
Aired: 2003

Is this really our first time featuring MY QUEEN ALEX NUNEZ? I could have sworn she’s been in the background a time or two before now, but I guess not. Anyway, no matter. Alex is a goddess, I adore her – her attitude, her attire, everything. So she’s first seen as Jay’s gum-chewing appendage. She kinda has intimidating bad-girl vibes similar to Tabi. She literally gives no effs, as is apparent by her baggy pants, constant nail-filing, gum-chewing, and bra straps falling down. Alex has a certain uniform, the same way Sean or Jay usually do. A stacked haircut, tank top, sunglasses, hoops, and headphones, and low-rise, baggy pants. Her style is so effortlessly cool, despite its simplicity. She’s such a badass, I can’t wait to share more of her.


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