Manny Santos Fashion 3.7

 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Aired: 2003

New sexy Manny has gotten everything she ever wanted. Sully… and then Craig. The first ‘fit is like, gosh what do you call this? It’s like a track suit, but it’s cropped – shorty shorts and a matching cropped zip up hoodie.. complete with a fuzzy hat, hoop earrings, and white tennies. Then she wears an athletic-inspired cropped tank that looks like it says “SUPER” on it, with low-rise jeans and her hair pulled half-back. Then, her sex-having outfit is a pink long sleeve shirt tied up at the waist, with low-rise flares. And she just, goes for it. It seems kind of sudden, don’t you think? The fact that they did it? Idk, adults be like that but usually teenagers, like, work their way up to that step, ya know? And finally, we are back at school and Manny is a new woman. Isn’t it weird that she doesn’t tell Emma she had sex? That’s also kind of out of character for a teen engaging in such activities. But anyway, I love this outfit. It’s a one-shoulder sunset looking top with a jean skirt.


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