Emma Nelson Fashion 3.9

 Against All Odds
Aired: 2003

Emma. First she’s all sour about Sean. Dressing like the environmental fan we all know. Low rise jeans, cropped to display her clogs. An embroidered tank over a blue tee. A blue headband and her hippie purse. And while she, like Craig, looks like she belongs in a coffee shop too, she at least had the wherewithal to change into something a little more rave-appropriate for the club. I would consider this one of the more iconic outfits here. A silky blue top, a pink miniskirt, and wedges. She’s looking awesome, and it was enough to land the guy. Then her moral compass had to go and mess things up, so she put on a jean jacket and bounced. And back at school, she’s returned to her normal color palette, and her clogs.


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