Paige Michalchuk Fashion 3.20

I Want Candy

This is a Paige episode! And let me just say, one of her lines in this episodes makes more and more sense the older I get. I reference it all the time. She says it to Ashley, when Ashley is considering leaving Degrassi because ‘everything sucks’. Paige says, “So run away next year. It won’t help. Because THE PROBLEM IS YOU.” *insert applause emoji here*. I see so many people around me experiencing strings of misfortune and, not to sound judgey, but it’s becoming more and more clear that the problem is simply them. Idk man, back in the day I thought she was just being mean, but now I see that as a really insightful observation. Anyway, on to the fashion! So first she’s TOTALLY burned out at school, wearing a corally-orange floral shirt. The next day she decides to SKIP and dons her famous yarn-lined jean jacket. The sunglasses these days are getting a little bigger. The jeans, I believe, are the kind that lace up in the front instead of having a zipper. And while she’s golfing I did get a shot of her boots and the fact that her jeans are ALWAYS cuffed because I guess she’s short. And the last thing I have to mention is her blue ribbed top, which might be a sweater.

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