Jay Hogart Fashion 3.21

Our House

Heck yeah, look at all this Jay for us today! I mean, I really don’t need to describe each ‘fit to you. Sometimes no description is needed. Classic Jay attire can include: sunglasses, a backwards hat, hoodie, windbreaker, baggy jeans, headphones, backwards sunglasses, and we even see him in a tank top very briefly. Hey, you know what’s interesting? Even though Jay is “sooo bad”, we hardly EVER see him drink, we never see him smoke, and we’ve never seen him do drugs… He’s just, THERE, amongst the badness. Oh, well I almost forgot to mention, this is where he uses his “discount cards” to buy an imported DVD – his discount cards being his left hand and his right hand. lol. So yeah, we definitely see Jay steal many times, that’s for sure.


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