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Jay Hogart Fashion 3.6

 Gangsta Gangsta
Aired: 2003

Haha, I went crazy with the Jay screenshotting. I got excited, okay?! This is a thrilling episode for me. I LOVE this baggy clothes, backwards-hat vibe. First, I wanted to feature his car, because that IS fashion in a way. He is wearing a black windbreaker, a blue tee, a cross body bag, headphones around his neck, cool shades, big fat tennis shoes, and a backwards hat. The next ‘fit is basically the same thing but all black this time, with a red v-neck collar. And lastly, all black for real.

It sounds sarcastic when I say it, but I can’t believe a character SO COOL appeared in a show as historically dorky as Degrassi. I say that with affection, okay? I’m the one who’s been blogging about this dorky show for 6 years.

Jay Hogart Fashion 3.5

 Pride, Part 2
Aired: 2003

Jay is washing his hands like a good boy in the bathroom, wearing a backwards hat, a black cutoff tee, and a cross body bag.

Jay Hogart Fashion 3.4

Aired: 2003

The first appearance of JAY FREAKING HOGART! He’s one of my most favorite characters. I know a lot of you would say the same. And I hope that we all realize there’s no good reason why. Haha! Well, I can praise his fashion choices all day long, and thankfully that’s why we’re here. I swear, this actor is styled SO well, that I was stunned and disappointed that Mike is nothing like Jay in any way. lol. He wears a lot of this athletic-turned gangster style. Baggy pants, large shoes, windbreakers, sideways caps. He’s just all around perfection.