Marco Del Rossi Fashion 4.3

King of Pain

Tons of Marco for you today. First are his photobooth shots. His hair is all styled with a side part, and he wears a zip up sweater and a green tee, jeans, and a striped belt. Also, OMG one of those bracelets where you could swap out those plain silver segments for a segment with a charm on it. Wow. The next outfit is one that I would call a quintessential Marco look. He’s got these flared jeans on, an athletic-looking jacket, and his YYZ hat. Oh lord, after all these years I just googled YYZ hat. Turns out YYZ is the Toronto airport! That’s cool! Anyway, I really like this outfit. Think about how much better Marco dresses than, say, Spinner. Next he wears a very light wash Western-looking jean jacket with an orange tee and jeans. And finally, for the presidential debate, he wears his hair all slicked back, aww. He also wears, idk how to describe this – it looks like a soccer-inspired shirt, but I don’t know why I’m inclined to say that.


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