Ellie Nash Fashion 4.5

Anywhere I Lay My Head

We gotta lotta Ellie to work through today! This is the episode where she decides to move out of her mom’s house. Because her mom is a drunk and almost burned the house down. So she “moves in” with Sean. Sadly it’s more like “crashes there for a while”. First we see her black flare jeans, grommet belt, and arm bands that she fell asleep in. She realizes it’s morning, and she scrambles to put in her leather jacket and grabs her Emily the Strange bag. She also has her hair in a middle part and clipped. At school, it looks like the had the chance to change clothes first because she’s now wearing a chain necklace, pinstripe pants, and a black studded shirt with armbands. She also has this twisty hairdo going on again. I’ve never actually seen this in the wild so I feel like the stylist was just experimenting or something. Looks like it took forever though. The next scene is Ellie in her PJs while the house is aflame. She wears a grey 3/4 sleeve shirt with classic PJ pants. And I must say, her hair looks amazing. The NEXT outfit is spectacular, a crative combo of pink with her blacks. She wears a chain necklace again, and this mesh shirt with pink striping deails. We can also see that triple-layer grommet belt she’s getting such good use out of, which she wears over a cargo-style skirt. Also, the knee high wedge boots can be seen really well here if you aren’t blinded by pasty naked Spinner! Ellie’s house party outfit here is a DREAM. I love this deep v and tons of corset tying up and down the front. Finally we wrap it up with a darling tank + off-shoulder mesh shirt combo. Gotta love Ellie’s wardrobe.


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