Manny Santos Fashion 4.9

Back in Black

Manny’s role here in this episode is to push JT and support Toby. It’s a solemn time so she’s not wearing the most attention-grabbing attire at the moment. She has big hoops, her hair pulled half-back, and wears an Andy Warhol-lookin tee with lips all over it. Oh yeah but this tee is very cropped… or is it that her pants are VERY low? These are the lace-up jeans with no button or zipper. Dude, could any of us still wear things like this anymore? Are bodies even made this way anymore? Manny’s funeral outfit kinda cracks me up. She wears this like, idk, Ferrari/race car looking jacket? And those extremely low pants showing her lower abdomen. It’s wild looking now but I guess it was a standard sight back then. I also love her hair down and straight with that middle part! A rare look from her.

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