Ellie Nash Fashion 4.17

Queen of Hearts

An Ellie episode! She’s out here living on her own, in Sean’s old apartment. First she’s seen in a black tee with a skull graphic on it. Then we get to see her a full fit – those awesome black wedge boots, fishnet tights, a black skirt, a grey tee over a mesh long sleeve, and a chain necklace. Pretty simple but very cute. We also get to see her Emily the Strange bag up close! The next ensemble is a black zip up hoodie, skull arm bands, and a camo/cargo looking skirt. For the house party that night, she keeps the arm bands and adds clips to her hair. And for the final look, we can’t really see it well but it seems to just be a black long sleeve shirt. I cannot believe Ellie wants to move back in with her mom.


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